Unnecessary lamps should be turned off.
Lighter-colored walls, furniture, and curtains reflect light, reducing the room's need for lighting.
Dust accumulated on the lamp should be cleaned. Powders reduce the amount of useful light over time.
If compact fluorescent lamps are used instead of incandescent lamps, lighting costs are reduced by 75%.
Refrigerators are used continuously, not periodically like other household appliances. When purchasing, the ones that consume the least electricity, that is, the most efficient ones, which combine the desired features, should be preferred.
If a frozen material taken out of the deep freezer in the refrigerator is taken the day before, put in the lower section and left to thaw there, less energy consumption is provided for the refrigerator.
Refrigerators and freezers should be placed away from heat sources such as ovens, radiators, etc. Otherwise, consumption will increase by 10-20%.
The door of the refrigerator and the working oven should be opened as little as possible and should not be kept open for a long time. Every time the oven door is opened, there is a 20% loss of work.
Bags of vacuum cleaners should be emptied frequently. This process will increase the suction power of the vacuum cleaner and will provide more efficient and quicker cleaning. In addition, if the brushes used with the broom are old, they should be renewed.
Energy efficient devices and appliances should be used.
Electric heaters should not be filled with more water than needed.
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