Energy Suppliers Web Portal Available Now!


What Is Energy Suppliers Web Portal?

It is a platform where Energy Supply Companies can communicate the requests and objections of the customers in their portfolios, and access data/information about their clients via a single screen.

What Is Our Aim In Using the Energy Suppliers Web Portal?

The aim is to ensure that the requests and objections sent to our Company by Energy Supply Companies are handled in a faster, more transparent, reliable and trackable way, while also allowing them to see the information they need about their customers on a single screen to reduce work load for both parties, resulting in a more manageable process.

Who Can Use the Energy Suppliers Web Portal, and How?

Suppliers wishing to use the Energy Suppliers Web Portal first need to sign the contracts aiming to protect both the Suppliers and our Company as per the Information Security and the KVKK (the Turkish Personal Data Protection Law). Then, they can get a username and a password to proceed to the portal screen.

You can contact us using the email address below for more details on the portal use contract and the annexes to it.

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